Monday, 27 October 2014

I'm back...With a Finish Too!


Greetings from Scotland!

You will all be pleased to know the move went very smoothly and we arrived here safe and sound over a week ago.

As we are staying with the inlaws for a few weeks we only have one computer set up, so we are sharing. So when I do get on to the computer I am usually using that time to apply for jobs etc.

No luck on that front yet but I will just keep on applying and fingers crossed something will come up eventually.

However, the good news is thanks to the lack of computer and gaming I have got another finish to share! Yippee!

This is the Lizzie*Kate Holly and Hearts Mystery SAL from last year. You may remember I got the first two parts done on time or there abouts but by the time part three went away and Christmas came and went before it was finished.

But, at least it is now ready for this year! :D

All I need to do now is to try and find a frame, its a strange shape so I'm not sure how easy that is going to be.

I will be back soon with another post, I went on a little trip yesterday with the MIL and returned with some stash, meaning I had a new start today... :D

Until next time...

Emma xo


  1. Beautiful!! That will look lovely this Christmas :) Hopefully you'll find a great frame soon!

    Greetings, Daphne

  2. Looks beautiful, Look forward to see your finish hugs.

  3. so beautiful..well done dear x

  4. Gorgeous!
    So nice to hear you're ok!
    Best wishes!

  5. I'm happy dancing with you! Congratulations on the finish!

  6. Fabulous finish! Good luck with the job hunt.

  7. That is very pretty. I'm thinking it'll be a new one for me before long:)

  8. Hello

    What a beautiful finish, so pretty.
    Good luck with the job hunting x

  9. Glad to hear that the move went smoothly Emma. Congrats on the gorgeous finish.


  10. That is a gorgeous stitch. xox

  11. So beautiful! Congrats on the finish - it looks gorgeous. Congrats on arriving in Scotland safe and sound too! :D

  12. Super finish, well done.
    Is MIL a crafter too? that would be fun and good encouragement for each other.

  13. Glad the move went well, good luck for the job search too.

    Do you have Wilkinsons or QD in Scotland? If you buy their triple frames and remove the cheap paper mounts they are great for long thin pieces. Your finished design looks really good. I was admiring it on someone else's blog last week!

  14. Great finish!
    I have this mystery too but mine is still waiting to be started. Hopefully it'll be finished for Christmas 2015!

  15. It looks beautiful! Congratulations on the finish.

    Good luck job hunting!