Monday, 3 November 2014

New more ways than one!

Good evening!

I hope you are all well and had a good weekend, I don't know about you but I think this past week has flown by! Sure doesn't seem like a week since my last post!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my latest finish, it is hard to reply to them all while I am on the phone app and Ipad, I can't wait to get my own computer back again!

So, as I mentioned last week me and the MIL took at little trip last Sunday to the Hobby Crafts show in Glasgow, it was a last minute decision to go but we had good fun and both ended up coming away with some stash.

MIL is more in to crafting with felt and card, although over the years she has tried her hand at almost everything crafty!

I on the other hand was pretty limited in my choices, I only came across two stalls for cross stitch, but never mind, I still got some goodies!

First was one of the cute new kits from Bothy Threads called Sew Dinky Gingerbread House.

It looked so cute stitched up and it was a very reasonable price for a full kit so I thought "Why not?!"

Here is my progress so far;

Not much, but its a start and I am having a lot of fun with it :)

I also picked up one of those polystyrene wreaths which I have plans for, although I don't know if that will be for this Christmas or I might just have to hold off till next year!

Lastly, I picked up one of those stitched Advent Calendar kits from Pinflair, when it's finished it should look something like this...

Although again, I don't know when that is going to happen, haha :D

In other news I had a job interview last Thursday and they offered me a job on the spot! The money isn't great, nor the hours but it is better than nothing. I am still applying for other things but now at least the pressure is off to find something. I am due to start next Monday, so I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Until next time, have a good week!

Emma xx


  1. Love your new Bothy kit Emma. Congrats on the new job.


  2. Nice new start and great news about the job.

  3. Lovely new kits!! Congrats on the new job! It is relaxing to find another job when we already have one in hand.

  4. Love both kits you picked up especially the gingerbread one! Congrats on getting a job! At least you have some incoming money. Good for you to still keep looking though. Prayers that you will get a job you love!
    love Annette

  5. Cute kits! Love your new start, it's going to look lovely when it's done. Sounds like you're settling in well! :D

  6. Love your new Bothy kit ...Congrats on the new job.
    Hugs x

  7. Lovely new kits and a great start on Bothy Threads one. Congrats on the job.

  8. Both new pieces are beautiful. I look forward to watching them grow. Congrats on your new job. Hope you enjoy it. Good luck finding the better fit for ya too.

  9. Great start and congrats on the new job!

  10. Hooray for the new job offer~ It's a lot less stressful looking for a better fit when you have a job haha. Your new start is gonna be so cute! :D

  11. Lovely new start! Good luck with the new job

  12. Love the new start!

    Good luck with your job. Hope it goes well.

  13. Great news about the job, even if it's not ideal, it's takes the stress off and gives you time to find something that does work better.

    I love that kit, it's so cute!

  14. Bellissimo il nuovo lavoro iniziato!
    Buone crocette!
    Un caro saluto,