Sunday, 17 February 2013

#74 What a Week!

My goodness, I really don't know where this week has gone!

First I want to say a massive thank you to all my followers, old and new alike, this past week my giveaway has gone crazy with so many entries and new followers to my blog! Hello and welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay :P Hehe.

In between Pancake Day, Lent, Valentines, Pankcake day #2 and this weekend precisely 0 stitches have been added this week to any of my projects. I am hoping after this post that perhaps I can get in an hour or two, it is IHSW after all!

For lent I have given up full sugar fizzy pop and crisps, it was originally all fizzy pop but I accidently drank a can of diet coke without thinking so I have tweaked it a little, I am not religious but I always try to give something up for Lent.

Valentines was nothing special, we both already had our gifts which we chose a few weeks ago (you may remember my post here) so we just had a night in with a meal and watched some dvds. We were originally going to go out for dinner on Saturday but when it came to it we were both tired so instead we stayed in and made chilli.

Also this weekend we have been busy decorating, Davids friend is coming to stay in March so the spare bedroom needed a bit of a spruce up. So yesterday we went carpet shopping and painted the walls. Today was spent doing the woodwork, it does look better but in reality it is a 23 year old male coming to stay, the chances are he wouldn't have noticed either way!

Now, some stitching, this is what I got done last Sunday, the last time I picked up a needle!

Just a little more added to the top, but at least you can start to see the peacock feathers forming now.

The mail man has also been kind to me, first a couple of weekends back Jo was kind enough to send me some bobbins and a box! I mentioned a while back I needed a new one as mine was now full and she offered to send me one she had acquired but had no use for, thanks very much Jo! It will come in most useful :)

I also won a giveaway over on Bruna's blog which arrived on Friday, it cheered me up just when I need it, work has not been pleasant this past week.

Again, thank you! I can't wait to stitch the Lizzie*Kate pattern and find a use for the wool :)

In the above photo you can just spy two little white paws, yesterday I sat down for over three hours reading all the blog updates, luckily I had some company...

I think that is everything for my weekly round up. If you haven't already then take a look at my giveaway, there is still time to join :)


Have a great week everyone!

Emma xo


  1. Your stitching is coming along looks good.
    Lovely gifts, and lovely post hugs.

    1. Thank you...I will get there eventually but I think getting it finished for the end of the SAL is looking unlikely already! x

  2. You really had a busy week sweetie! Love all your goodies & little kittie is nicely posing for the pic :D Adorable xx

    1. That is his "spot" the cushion was put there a couple of days after we got him and ever since it has stayed there, he is a very social kitty and has to have at least one of us around to keep him company :)

  3. Hello Emma

    Your cat is gorgeous!
    Lovely stash and your stitching looks great!

  4. Lovey gifts received. Great progress on your HAED. Your cat is gorgeous.

  5. Oh no! No stitching all week long? I hope this week is better. Congrats on a lovely win full of goodies! Your cat is adorable!

  6. Great stitching and your cat is too cute.x

  7. Love that Lizzie Kate Santa, I think he is my favorite of hers - I know that will be a fun stitch - congrats...

  8. Great packages! I hope you have fun stitching that Lizzie Kate design! :D

  9. Amazing how our letter box can sometimes be a treasure chest =D
    Lovely things you received
    big hugs

  10. Love your cat!

    You've gotten some very nice stash. Good for you!

  11. Peacock looking great and wonderful stash too!

  12. I love Your cat, is gorgeous.
    big hugs Giovanna

  13. What an adorable photo of you cat. Sometimes a meal in can be so much more fun that eating out.

  14. What a nice surprise! :D
    Quick question.. can I ask why you write numbers on you post title? Does that have any special meaning? Sorry for my curiosity =) hehehhe

  15. What a great Postie week!

    Congrats on the new followers as well, you'll be at 150 before you know it :P

    Sounds like you've had a great time and you are doing well with the stitching :)