Tuesday, 15 January 2013

#62 - Welcome, IHSW and a Party!

Oh my! My followers have certainly jumped up in numbers this past week or so :D

Hello and welcome to you all - I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the world.

I guess I will have to start thinking of a giveaway when I hit 100! ;)

Just a gentle reminder folks that this weekend is IHSW - hurrah! As I mentioned in my previous post I also have Friday off work so even more time to stitch, stitch, stitch away, and even more reason to make sure I get plenty done this time!

If you have no idea what I am talking about or would like to join in then visit Ramdom Ramblings or click the picture below :)

Also on the 19th is 2 Bags Full's event - Grow Your Blog, the idea been you get your blog out there to a wider audience and in return you will hopefully find some new reading! But hurry the sign up date is today (15th)! Or click HERE to take you direct to the sign up post.

Well I hope you are all having a good week, for some reason I keep thinking it is Wednesday (wishful thinking?) So far this week I have worked some more on Mini The Black, but I will save that for Friday before I start the IHSW.

Happy Stitching!

Emma xo


  1. You are on the way to 1001!! ;) heheheh
    I'll be stitching along this weekend!! :D
    hugs to you sweetie!

  2. ooooh your getting close. I am now a follower on your blog:) I found you:) Now I'm off to read some of your older posts. love Annette

    1. Aha! I see you found me after you asked me if I had a blog - well welcome! :)

  3. Wow you getting close...
    Love for you x

  4. very close to 100 =)
    have a great IHSW, can't wait to see your progress ...
    happy stitching

  5. 94 already!!!
    Have a great IHSW!
    I'll be stitching too on the weekend.

  6. I"ll be doing IHSW for sure, gonna hermit with stitchy friends and I can't wait!

    1. We have three days of snow forecast - I am not going anywhere! I can't wait :)

  7. Hello

    Just found you!
    Your blog is lovely.
    Enjoy IHSW!

    1. Thank you, and welcome! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Have a great stitchy weekend.x

  9. Hi Emma! Am your newest follower and can't believe I had seen your blog before now. I love it! Will be back often for sure.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

    1. Welcome LindaLee to my little corner of the blogging world, I hope you enjoy it :) Have a great weekend! x

  10. Well done, I see you now have 100 followers.

  11. its been a quite few months since i don't join the IHSW:( I have to do it in the next month!!

    I only saw that "Grow your blog" today...i would love to join in but its over the deadline:(

    Enjoy your weekend;)

  12. Hi, Emma!

    Greetings from South Carolina, USA! I am, of course, still partying with Vicki at 2 Bags Full and am happy to have found your lovely blog. I am a craft loving grandmother(Mimi to my grands). I am a gal of many interests and my blog and Pinterest accounts attest to that fact.

    I will be following you on Google Friend Connect and hope you will find time to visit me at my blog! Have a beautiful day!