Friday, 18 January 2013

#63 And So The Hermit Begins...

Ahhh...I wish I could have every Friday off work, two days at the weekend just isn't enough - especially when it is IHSW :D

This week I have worked on Mini The Black and my YOTA project, but for now I can only show Mini The Black.

I managed to get another 800 or so stitches in meaning I have now finished the first two columns of the first page wahoo! The next two columns are yet again more 310 so I am not sure if I am going to keep stitching away at that or instead move horizontally along the page and get to the bottom corner where there is a few more colours added to the this space...


Today I think I will work on the HAED SAL first and see how that goes, for the rest of the weekend it will be Mini The Black or Mystic Garden, whichever takes my fancy :)

Some more snow fell over night but nothing too major. It is due to start again at 3 this afternoon and carry on right through the weekend.

Here is a view of the back garden so far...

Have a great IHSW everyone and if you are here thanks to the Grow Your Blog event then welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog :)

Happy Stitchy Weekend Everyone!

Emma xo

p.s. If you have time I think you should take a look at The Cross Stitching Librarian she works on some lovely projects (many of which are on my to do list!) and I feel rather lonely over there as her one and only follower!


  1. I want the day off too!!!!
    Happy hermitting!
    Waiting for more progess ;)

  2. What about working 4 days a week and having 3 off? Wonderful!
    Happy HEAD stitching! I have one in my UFOs but I miss it a lot. The fact is that there are too many temptation I can't resist. But I have my Vanity SAL to continue and some other projects. So for now ...
    Take care.

  3. Great progress! Struggled to go to work this morning because of the snow. Snow on drive, snow on the road, snow, snow, snow everywhere!! When I finally got there, found out we could go home at lunch time!! School called too & closed early... such fun :D

  4. Looks like you are making really good Progress.

  5. Nice progress! I'm so jealous of the snow. I'm in the SW of Ireland and we have sunny skies. I would love some snow! Enjoy the weekend.

  6. great progress! thank for directing me to that new blog too

  7. Happy stitching for the weekend

  8. I can't wait to see your progress! I am trying to be good also and not post my Yota project :)

  9. It is a great progress; well done!
    Congratulations on reaching 100 members!
    Lovely snow picture!
    Happy stitching!

  10. All that lovely snow! Great stitching:)

  11. Enjoy the weekend with lots of stitching. Thanks for the blog addie, as I have never seen her blog before.

  12. oh this could be some great weekend to sticth indeed, but i had no electricity the entire day...i've just complained about it in my blog:(

    Hope you can do a great progress on your stitches;)