Wednesday, 2 January 2013

#57 - Happy New Year!

I hope everyone saw in the New Year in whatever way they wished, be it with Family, Friends or even fast asleep before the clock even struck 12 (our preferred choice for last year)!

As it was my birthday our friends Rachael and Hannah kindly invited us over for dinner. It was a lovely evening with some pleasant suprises!

The first was...more stash! :D I was very surprised as normally we agree not to get each other anything (now we all have mortgages to pay) and I just love it!

Row Of Cats - Bothy Threads

It is already calling my name but I must wait for now...I love the little kitten second from the right, he is called Boris - such a butch name for such a tiny kitty :D hehe.

Second surprise of the night...cake! Yes, not only did they cook a beautiful chilli with all the trimmings they also took the time to bake me a birthday cake! A HUGE one at that, and very yummy too!

After we had let our dinner settled we played on the xbox, dancing like Michael Jackson, a very funny game and really makes you realise what a great dancer he was in his day. The next thing we knew it was almost midnight so the bubbly was popped and we watched the fireworks in London on TV. It was a lovely evening.

Yesterday was pretty quiet, I made a start on Mini The Black, getting in 450 stitches, but as they are all the same colour I won't bother to share a photo. I will see how I get on the rest of the week and update then.

I've also made a small start on the Wedding Sampler, but again, not really worth posting a photo just yet!

Emma xo


  1. Sounds like a great night. Happy Birthday:)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time with your friends :D Happy for you sweetie! And I have to say that I looove those candles! heeheh looks so funny :D
    Hope all your wishes will come true :) Again, Happy Birthday and Happy 2014!! :D

  3. it seems you had a great moment with friends, so good =)
    we had an evening dancing like MJ on the WII , so funny (and difficult !!)
    happy new year Emma, Nia above is a bit in advance....I will just wish you a happy 2013 for the moment =D
    May it be a wonderful year for you and yours
    big hugs

  4. Happy Birthday!! Sorry for being late!
    Your friends are so precious, you've been spoilt & had a good time too... Fantastic :)

  5. Happy New year and Happy Belated Birthday! Your friends sure made your birthday a special one and that chart is cute!!!

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, happy belated! Love the chart, we've got two that look like Ling-ling.


  8. Happy Birthday.

    Buon Compleanno
    ciao Giovanna :)