Sunday, 6 January 2013

#58 New Starts Galore!

Good afternoon!

Thank you so much for all my birthday wishes in my past two posts, you are all so kind. The only problem I am having with this new layout is I can't seem to reply to any comments left, I have no idea why, but please be assured I am not ignoring you! I have tried my best to solve the issue but to no avail so for now I think I am going to have to reply via email when it arrives in my inbox. Not ideal but there you go. If anyone could shed a little light on this it would be much appreciated!

Now, on to stitching. To say I didn't join the Crazy January Challenge I have made a pretty good attempt in keeping up! In the first four days I had three new starts. Thankfully I now seem content with these to keep me occupied.

I have decided January will be my "do what you want" month, after which my main focus will be the wedding sampler as that NEEDS to be done.

Speaking of which that was the first project I picked up, only a few stitches in but a start is a start, right?! This is done on iridescent white 14ct Aida.

Next, after my first day back at work this year (boooo!) I made a start on Mini the Black. This is on 25ct Magic Guide and I am trying 2x1 tent for the first time. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I wanted to give it a go so I could at least say I've tried. 800 stitches in so far - all of them 310!

Finally on Friday the first page on the HAED BB SAL arrived in my inbox so of course I HAD to start it. Got the first 100 stitches in. This is done again on 25ct Magic Guide, but this time 1x1 full cross. This chart really is confetti madness (20 colours in this one block alone!) and I dare say the most challenging piece I have ever done. If I get this done then I really will be proud of myself!

For now I am going to continue on the SAL, I figure if I get a head start on it this month it will give me some breathing space before the next page is due.

Happy Stitching all!
Emma xo


  1. Oh dear, I hope you get the "no reply" issue sorted! Maybe an email to Leelou could help? Nice new starts & seriously good luck with the Haed BB Sal! 20 different colours in one block?? This is crazy :D

  2. Lots of lovely starts there. Well done.

  3. Lovely HAED's. I did 2x1 on my haed and prefered the coverage. good luck with them. x

  4. It is a lovely start
    As you said " start is a start".

    Your way re-naming January "do what you want" month; which made me a huge laugh!

    Happy stitching :)

  5. Great new starts, hope it not all confetti.x

  6. Great new starts. I love January being do what you want month:)

  7. You have some big projects on your hands! :D
    I want to see more progress!!! hehehehe
    Have a great week sweetie! hugs&smiles

  8. indeed you have big great projects in hands sweetie =)
    can't wait to see your progress
    happy stitching
    big hugs

  9. Blogger seems to get more complicated/. I am afraid that I cannot assist.

  10. Lovely new starts Emma. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I haven't even started the BB SAL because of the confetti. In fact I've dropped out!

  11. Did you chose Magic Garden also? I did not start mine yet. After seeing all that confetti I have to be in the right state of mind to stitch it.

  12. I know you will be able to do the SAL - one stitch at a time. Thinking of you

  13. Good luck with all your new starts. I have a couple of HAED I want to do but I have quite a few WIP's I need to finish first!

  14. Good luck with your new starts.