Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mii's Travelling Pattern - Finished!

Hello hello!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, mine is cold, but good :)

So today I finished the travelling pattern which arrived to me from Steph, I decided on the "then" pattern of the two choices.

Ribbon Detail
Crazy Backing Fabric!

This of course now means the pattern is looking for a new home, if you wish to be the next one then you must (stolen from Mii's blog!):

1/ Be a serious stitcher and actually stitch one of the pattern and then pass it on,
2/ Be prepared to post the pattern anywhere in the world,
3/ Stitch the pattern in timely fashion (2 weeks maximum),
4/ Have an active blog to show us your work & organize a draw for the next stitcher
5/ and finally each stitcher to email me so that I can keep track of the chart

So if that sounds like you then please leave a "me please!" on this post. I will pick the next stitcher in a weeks time (the 16th). So good luck everyone!

This week we also managed to finally get round to getting a frame for Darth and hung in our Geek Room. Hurrah :)

Until next time, happy stitching!

Emma xo


  1. It look amazing, please count me in for the Travelling Pattern - love Lizzie*Kate Designs :)

  2. Great finish! Please count me in :) x

  3. Aw, add me in! I would love to get this lovely pattern :D (Me, please)
    I loved your darth vader stitch!

  4. I would love to stitch this one! Count me in please

  5. Adorable finish. I would love to be added in the for traveling pattern.


  6. I've seen the Darth Vader xstitch on a few blogs now and it still always makes me smile out loud! Very cool.
    Alicia xo

  7. Great frame for Darth! He looks fantastic. :D

  8. I would love a chance to stitch this, please! Thanks!

  9. Great finish! I hope this one keeps going round for a while as I haven't time to stitch before Christmas but would love to have a try next year!

  10. love to be the next stitcher!! count me in, please!!

  11. Love your take on the LK design, the iridescent fabric looks perfect!
    Perfect frame for the little Darth Vader :)

  12. Hello!
    Great finish! I hope this keeps going around for a while, as I have no time to sew before Christmas, but I would have a chance next year!
    Hugs .:)

  13. Please put me in the draw for the TP, Emma. I love a well-travelled TP and I am sure it would like to come downunder for a while!

  14. Very very pretty!!! Well done :)
    I really love that design but right now it's not the time for me to stitch it.. I'm on baby mode :p heheheh I will try to catch it later on another blog ;)
    Darth looks awesome :D

  15. Framed Darth is super :)
    and you made a lovely piece with this travelling pattern. the backing fabric is great and not so crazy =D
    I already have 2 travelling patterns waiting for stitching so I won't join this time, but I'll try to follow it anyway :)

  16. Great stitchy finish with the travelling pattern.

    Please don't add me to your draw, I have stitched this before, good luck to everyone else.

  17. Great finish with travelling pattern! Love the crazy backing fabric :o)

  18. It looks lovely! I love how you finished it off. I framed one for a dear friend and still have the other to do something with. Love the Darth stitch!