Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Knitting Finish and Goodies in the Mail :)

Good Evening!

A mid week (ish) post - I am really spoiling you :D hehe

So after I completed part two of Holly and Hearts I wondered what to do next, then on Sunday as I was having a big clear out I came across some scarf yarn I bought a while ago that I forgot I had!

So Sunday night I made a start and managed to get it finished and washed last night. I figured it would look great with my new winter coat which is red, so I thought a black scarf with a little bit of sparkle will look lovely.

You can't see the sparkle so well in the picture sadly...at least I will be warm when waiting at the bus stop in the morning - last two mornings we have had frost!

After work yesterday when I got home I had a package waiting for me and I couldn't figure out what it could be?? It was from the lovely Steph at Show and Tell! I was the lucky one chosen for a travelling pattern but she kindly included lots of goodies for me too :) Thanks Steph! :D

Look at this! How cute! Now I just have to find somewhere for it to live out of furry paws reach :)

I made a small start on the travelling pattern also, I chose the "Then" version, shouldn't take too long so keep an eye out as it will be looking for a new home soon! :)

Excuse the shadow!
Valma, I have not forgotten you, the travelling pattern will be on its way as soon as I make it up to the post office on my lunch break at work, fingers crossed the next day or so!

Until next time!

Emma xo


  1. Aww the scarf is so cute..
    And all the goodies are super sweet..Steph is a sweetie pie
    Hugs x

  2. Love the scarf and great goodies!

  3. Lovely scarf and wonderful gifts from Steph. The "Free Hug" ornament is darling!!!
    love Annette

  4. Great scarf! Congrats on winning the traveling pattern from Steph too. She sent some great goodies! :D

  5. Nice snuggly scarf to keep you warm and cosy.

  6. Great scarf. Lovely goodies you got and a great start on your new project. Looking forward to seeing more of it :)

  7. Your scarf looks great. It will look gorgeous with your red coat. Great new stash. Look forward to seeing your progress on the travelling pattern.

  8. Love your scarf , we all need to get them out now ,lovely gift and a great start.

  9. I'm so late in my blogs readings that I even didn't see you wrote words for me here =)
    don't worry sweetie, I'll let you know as soon as it has arrived, there was no emergency =)
    Steph spoiled you =)
    this is so beautiful. all the goodies that were with the travelling pattern are really great
    enjoy =)
    can't wait to see you in your red coat with your very beautiful sparkling scarf =)

  10. What a lovely scarf.

    Gorgeous package of goodies and nice start on the travelling pattern.

  11. Nice scarf! And lovely gifts!! :D
    Wow! is that sparkling fabric that you're stitching on? :)