Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ooooh Cookie...

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you have all had a pleasant weekend, mine has been pretty quiet again, but got some time for stitching :)

You may remember last time I was here on this new project...

Here it is now! He has a cookie! I am really enjoying this and other half seems impressed with it too, he was even asking earlier today where it will go in our geek room :D hehe

As of 01/09/13
Earlier in the week me and two friends went to our first knitting and crochet club, we have all been wanting to learn, so off we went with our ball of wool and needles. A lovely lady sat with the three of us and very patiently showed us how to cast on, knit stitch and cast off...she had the patience of a saint!

The host, a lovely lady called Cathy has the most gorgeous home and provided drinks and home made cake, there was about 10 of us all together of all ages and experience. It was a lovely evening and I am already looking for to the next meeting at the end of the month.

After two hours (it really flew by) this is what I produced!

Ok, so it doesn't look much but its a start! So now I have cast on 45 stitches and I figure if I sit and do a couple of rows a day then by the end of the month I should of had plenty of practice and maybe next time we will be taught to purl, after that, who knows!

I'm not sure if I will update again this week and I am heading off on holiday on Friday (did I even mention that before now?). A few weeks ago my Mum asked me if I would go away with her as she wanted a holiday but didn't want to go alone, like she even needed to asked! So we are heading to Turkey for a week, it will be a relaxing holiday, not sure if to take any stitching with me or maybe just lots of books, I haven't read a book for ages and I do miss it.

If I don't I will update on my return, have a great couple of weeks!

Emma xo


  1. Sweet stitches..
    Have a lovely day..
    Hugs x

  2. Have a wonderful holiday with your mom. Great stitching progress and your knitting looks fab so far. Well done you!!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to the sunshine :)

  3. Enjoy your trip!And thanks for your comments on my blog!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Have a great holiday . Lovely progress ,well done with the knitting .x

  5. Great stitching progress. The knitting club sounds like it was a lovely event. It looks like you made a great start.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I love this piece, it's coming along great. Hope you have a fantastic trip.

  7. Great progress. Have a great holiday.

  8. Great progress! Have a great time in Turkey - Istanbul is fantastic :D

  9. woooo enjoy your trip sweetie =)
    it will be a wonderful week and a great opportunity to relax
    this Darth Vader piece is coming along in a great way, hubby would really love it =D
    and you also made a great start with knitting
    see you soon

  10. Love your little cross stitch project, it's coming along really nicely! Great start on the knitting too :) Have a lovely holiday with your mum!!!

  11. Great progress and good on you, learning a new talent. Have fun in Turkey! Istanbul is supposed to be amazing.

  12. Well done on the knitting, looks brilliant.
    Enjoy the holiday.

  13. Wonderful stitching.:)
    You are knitting? Great! Teach me.:)))


  14. Nice design stitching, and your knitting will be lovely, wish you a great holiday, sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  15. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  16. Your knitting looks great! well done :D
    Nice progress on your stitching, looking good! Don't eat those cookies ;) hehehehe

  17. Darth Vader is looking good so far. Glad he is getting a cookie finally! Well done on learning how to knit! Once you get the hang of it, it's easy!! Now following a pattern is tough...that's what I'm learning to do with crochet!