Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Quiet Weekend

Here in the UK most of us enjoyed an extra day off thanks to the bank holiday, my only complaint is we don't have another now until Christmas!

But I made the most of it, other half was away all weekend so I stitched, shopped and did whatever I wanted all weekend, it made a nice change but I did miss him, the house seemed very empty.

After finishing the wedding gift (thank you for all the nice comments!) I started on something new. I know I probably shouldn't have done but its not a particularly big project so should be done soon enough.

This is a free pattern I found here and knew it would look great in our geek room.

Another benefit of the bank holiday was all the sales going on! I ordered lots fabric from My Fabric House and today they arrived! There was also a note in there explaining because I am a loyal customer I now get 5% off every purchase I make, how generous...just means more shopping :D

This weekend also happened to be mine and the other half anniversary (well, technically it is today, but we always just say the August bank holiday weekend) These were waiting for me when I woke up on Saturday :)

Hope you all have a great week

Emma xo


  1. Sweet stitches..and very pretty stash
    Hugs x

  2. Great stitches and stash ~ and what beautiful flowers! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Great new start and stash. The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Happy Anniversary , beautiful flowers, and a great start new start on your stitching.

  5. Aww, beautiful flowers! Cute start, too. :D

  6. last time we went to England, we saw this sentence on a T-shirt =)
    (hubby is a great fan of Star Wars...)
    so funny
    enjoy this stitching
    beautiful flowers & new supplies also
    happy anniversary sweetie

  7. ohhh lovely flowers :) so sweet!!
    I love that quote heheh looking great! :D

  8. Lovely stitching and you bought beautiful things.:)


  9. Lovely start! I've seen it before & just love it. Great new start & beautiful flowers :)

  10. Such beautiful flowers and lovely fabric stash.

  11. Happy Anniversary and your DH gave you a great anniversary gift by giving you a weekend to stitch!

  12. Well done with the Wedding Sampler -the "dark Side " chart is hilarious !!
    What a beautifully flowers You have on the vase :)

  13. Happy Anniversary! I stitched Darth a while back and made him into the lid for a box of cookies I sent to a friend.