Friday, 12 October 2012

#37 I Love my Postman!

Before we get started I just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, I have read them all but this week has just been chaos and until tonight I haven't had the time to sit and read them all.

But really, you are too kind. The yarn is the smart thing, not me, its the simplest yarn in the world to knit with I am sure!

Now, on to the fun part!

This week has been a very fun week, arriving home to goodies of some sort almost every night - look at all this!

First my sub copy of World of Cross Stitching arrived along with a mystery envelope from USA I open it to find two patterns from Pickle Barrel Designs! I had entered a competition on their blog and they were so generous to send something to everyone who entered!

The day after my letter from my USA stitchy penpal arrived - it is always nice to have something fun to read other than bills!

Lastly some of my Giveaway goodies arrived, want to see....?

Ok, you can't. Sheldon has taken it upon himself to guard them until we know where they are heading, hehe! I guess the only way to find out is to enter... ;)

In other news I took part in the Facebook HAED event and the lovely Michelle sent me this;

Mini Autumn Cat Magic

Isn't he cute!? He reminds me of Charlie when he was little and certainly in keeping with the Halloween theme of the event!

I hope you all have a productive crafty weekend and I will be back again on Sunday to update you on my stitching.

Have a great weekend and thanks for following/commenting again!

Emma xo


  1. Ooooh, it's always so nice to get yummies in the mail. :D

    LOL... you're gonna need a great big bribe to get Sheldon off that package. ;)

    1. Oh he is poorly kitty today went for his injections so has spent the day fast asleep :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love it - might have to be in my 2013 rotation :)

  3. yayyyyyyy nice yummy mail..i really love your charts..they all so cute..
    aww sheldon is so cute..sweetttttt
    big hugs xxx

  4. Lucky luck you!! I wish my postman was so kind - Post I'm sending usually tend to "disappear" & not reach the recipients...
    Anyway, always nice to read your blog, enjoy all your goodies & have a lovely weekend, Mii xx

  5. Emma :)

    I am getting envious a bit :))) (joke)
    Lovely goodies and loved the HEAD!

    By the way, Sheldon is not a kitten anymore! He turned out an adorable cat :)

    Enjoy all your goodies and happy stitching :)

    1. I know, he looks so grown up in that photo but really he is still small compared to my other :)

  6. Hello

    What a lovely delivery, no wonder you love your postie!
    Sheldon is very sweet!
    Lovely new chart too.

  7. How nice to have fun stuff in your mail almost every day last week!

  8. Goodies! Goodies! Mr. Postman was your friend ;) heheheh
    Sheldon! hahaha It's such a cool name :D I always laugh when I read your cat's name! :D
    Beautiful design but.. how long will it take to stitch?? :p hehehe

  9. ohh so many goodies!! That seems great!
    I still didn't recevied my world of cross stitching magazine :( They arrive very late to my country..:'(
    It's such a beautiful design that you receveid..lovely:)
    So sweet Sheldon:)