Sunday, 7 October 2012

#36 Another finish!

Woohoo! Two finishes in a week! I can't really complain about that! But don't be getting used to it as I'm sure it won't happen again for a while :D hehe.

This is another of the Daffy yarn, you may remember the one I did in shades of green, well this was the other colour I bought. I love it, I think it will look rather festive come December.

So, now I've finished three that is surely a good enough excuse reason to buy some more? Right? :D

A new wool shop has opened in the next village, oh my, am I ever going to be able to save money??

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Hope you all had/are having a great weekend.

Until next week.

Emma xo


  1. Beautiful ☺ I love the colour!

  2. That's lovely. You're a talented knitter!

  3. Beautiful, it looks amazing. Well done on the finish.

  4. Looks fantastic:) Very well done!
    The colour is just lovely!

  5. Snap! I've been doing these scarves too...they are fab! I love the colour you chose. And of course, you have to go and buy some more yarn!!!

  6. Hello

    Found your blog through Miistitch.
    Your scarf is lovely and your stitching is great too!

  7. What a gorgeous scarf.

    My knitting has not been out this week. I took my cross stitch to craft club instead. I need to get back to it soon though as it's getting colder and I need the afghan!

  8. Hi, Emma. Good morning. I'm pretty blog happy with your visit and comment in my blog. thanks for follow me. It was a pleasure to receive you. I really liked your embroidery, they are beautifulls. Hug,Iêda.

  9. So beautiful! Love the colour! One of my favourites!;)