Sunday, 23 September 2012

#32 light colours are a pain to photo!

Good Evening!

Today has been nothing but rain and a little bit more rain on top of that! So I did some stitching, I guess there is always a silver lining.

First, I did a bit more work on Twilight Magic, this first page is driving me a little crazy now as it is nothing but background colour, so even when I get it done all it will be is a huge block of colour! I'm tempted to move on to the next page as then I will get to work on the girls hair, but no, for now at least I will keep on stitching away on the background. I guess it needs doing sooner or later.

So this is what it looked like the last time I showed you...

And here it is now!

Not much for two weeks is it? Although you can't see in the photo that well the large block on the right hand side is a mixture of a few colours. Maybe next time I will try to photo in daylight and perhaps it will show up better.

Today, I worked on something I hadn't touched for ages, but with the reminder it is now less than 100 days to Christmas (eek!)  I thought I better crack on with it and get some more done.

The last time I left it looking like this;

And now it looks like this;

I'm not sure if you can even see it in the photo but I added the bears hand, his front legs and his skis.

Can't believe the weekend is nearly over once again and with the arrival of the the new World of Warcraft expansion this week I fear my stitching may suffer even more than it already has these past few weeks.

I hope everyone else's is more successful than mine!

Emma xo


  1. A nice stitching Sunday. Me, too. I love so much Sundays for this reason.
    Have a nice week.

  2. Hopefully WOW expansion will bring you as much enjoyment as your stitching and don't feel bad about the lack of stitching due to the game.

  3. beautiful stitching..
    love cucki xxx

  4. Looks like it's raining everywhere :p good weather to stay at home and stitch ;)

  5. Hasn't the weather been awful. As I type it's started raining again. I knew the appearance of the sun was too good to be true!

    Lovely progress on your stitching.

  6. But what beautiful, restful background colors they are.

    We've had some rain too.. not as much as in the summer. I love rain. :)