Monday, 20 August 2012

#19 IHSW After...

Well another weekend flew by and as ever I didn't get quite as much stitching done as I would have like but none the less some progress was made.

I am really enjoying all these different shades of gold and brown, making me excited for Autumn and all the beautiful shades the trees turn.

Its strange how close up it doesn't look much but when you take a step back you can really see it coming together. Hoping once the next column is done the tree will really start to take shape.

After tomorrow I have no work until next Tuesday, most of the weekend is taken up by plans of a local festival which I am going to but I will at least be able to get some stitching done on Wednesday and Thursday.

Now going to look at all the other IHSW'ers posts.

Once again thank you for following and thank you so much for your comments they always make me smile :)

Until next time.

Emma xo


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  2. Looks like you made a lot of progress on Stepping Stone Cottage. It's a lovely piece!

  3. Nice progress sweetie :)
    Have a great week!! :D

  4. That's great progress. Looking forward to watching it grow.

  5. Very lovely progress and have a great time at the festival!!

  6. Excellent progress! Can't wait to see this one come alive.

  7. Great progress! I have always liked Thomas Kinkade, and I can't wait to see more :)