Monday, 13 August 2012

#17 Stepping Stone Cottage Start

I must admit it feels good to get my hands on something new to stitch! But I made a promise to the other half that before I started my next project I would do some tidying of my craft stuff.

Our "Geek Room" is now complete - with the exception of a few wall decorations etc and this is the first post I am writing from it! Wooo!

So, the rest of Saturday night was spent winding threads on to bobbins while watching the Olympics (Go Mo!) Look how good I was!

So Sunday saw the start of Stepping Stone Cottage. I didn't get a whole lot done thanks to the Olympics but still managed to get about 450 stitches in before the closing ceremony (Oh how I am missing it already!).

I am also trying parking for the first time after hearing some of the other ladies on the Facebook group talking about it. So far I like it, certainly seems to speed things up.

12-08-12 Day 1

Until next time!

Emma xo


  1. Lovely start. I hate winding bobbins, it always takes ages. Love Thomas Kinkade artwork.

  2. A very lovely artwork and a lovely start!
    I am looking forward to seeing its next progress!
    Happy stitching

  3. I have just realized that you are "Emma" who I am looking for her link :(( ((: (sorry for my mess)
    All the best!

    1. Oh Sorry Nurdan, I didn't see the message, I've never had one before - but I see now you have found my blog! welcome!

  4. Nice start :) and great work on organizing your threads :D

  5. Great job organizing's a pain to do, and I'm not looking forward to doing it again here myself soon once I place a thread order...but they look so pretty all wound up! Good luck with the new project!