Monday, 7 May 2012


Took a small break from stitching this weekend and had a go at tiara making. Having never done it before I was a little apprehensive but I have to say it was good fun. I bought a kit a few months ago from Create and Craft with the promise it was easy and have to say it really was!

I started this late Sunday afternoon and ended up getting so hooked I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to get it complete, it was rewarding for it to grow so quick which can sometimes be a draw back to stitching, sometimes it feels like you have been working on the same section for hours and you look and you seem to have done hardly anything!

The kit included everything I needed, other than pliers to cut the wire, with plenty left over in case (like I did) you twisted a little too much and snapped the wire.

 Overall I was impressed with the end product, to say it was my first attempt at anything like this. Think I will buy another kit again sometime to have it stashed away when I need a break from my first love.

Here is a link to the makers site directly, for £20 I think it is pretty good value. Not only that but I now have a tiara to wear while doing the housework, how cool is that?!

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