Friday, 4 March 2016

I'm now on Instagram!

Hi all!

Just to let you all know I now have an Instagram account purely for Cross Stitch! Don't worry, I'm not deserting my little Blog, but it's always fun to look at lots of lovely pictures!

You can find me here or if you search the name Itzystitch you should find me also :)

Anyone else have a cross stitch Instagram? If so leave a comment telling me your name so I can follow you! :)

Today I'll be working on the Pumpkin Passport, so should have an update for you soon!

Emma xo


  1. Just followed you on Instagram. I'm AnnieLBebop there. I don't use it much yet though. I guess I'm just not accustomed to it.

  2. I joined up there too. It's fun to post a daily picture. I don't enjoy it near as much as my blog or Facebook but it works. I have followed you. I'm dragonsluver.

  3. I'm pleased that you won't be leaving blog land! I'm not an instagrammer.....or twitterer.......or facbooker!

  4. Io non ho instagram, ho già troppe cosa ha ha! Però ti seguo volentieri.

  5. Glad you won't give up your blog.
    I tried instagram but didn't really 'get' it so gave up.