Sunday, 13 December 2015

iStitch Designs Sew Advent 2015 and Stash!

Good evening all!

I hope you are all rested up this Sunday evening ready for the working week ahead and all your Christmas plans are coming together!

Just a few more presents to wrap and a few cards to write and I will be done - I can't believe Christmas is only 12 days away now!

This weekend we went to pick up our Wedding Invitations - it is all starting to become very real now! They are perfect, once I have them wrote up and sent out I will share with you how they look, but we are both very happy with them :)

Stitching wise I managed to stitch days two through to five this week - not as much done as I had hoped but it all counts...

I am loving how delicate it is looking on this fabric and stitched over one - fingers crossed I will get some more done this coming week.

Stash wise the post box has been very busy this week much to my Fiancé's bemusement but as I pointed out to him some of this was ordered weeks ago it has just so happened they have all arrived at a similar time... ;)

First up was my Needle Minders from Lisa at No More Lost Needles. I will admit I had forgotten which exact ones I had ordered! The personalised one which is a picture of me and David was a prize I had won.

Then my fabric and floss turned up for the Frosted Pumpkin Passport year long SAL which starts in January - this was my first time using The Homemakery but I was very impressed! So I am all ready to go come the 15th of next month :)

Finally two pieces of fabric arrived from Crafty Kitten - I just love them! 

Not sure what they will be used for yet, but I have a couple of ideas ;)

My plan this week is to catch up on blogs again - my reader has somehow crept back up to over 400 posts! 

Until next time!

Emma xo


  1. Wow lots of great goodies! I still have a lot of gifts to buy. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and free 2 day shipping. I have to wait until hubby gets paid on the 17th. But my Christmas cards are sent and my cookies are made so I'm making progress lol. Your stitching is looking great!

  2. beautiful fabric, looking forward to see how the Frosted Pumpkin sal turns out. Have not signed up, I want to see a bit more of the design.

  3. Lovely stash !! Enjoy playing with it :)

  4. Lovely new stash - especially Bazinga! Your istitch SAL piece looks so pretty.

  5. Nice stitching and great stash!!

  6. Lots of new stash to get through over the coming year! Great stitching too.

  7. Nice things arriving for you last week.

  8. Wonderful fabrics.
    I'm sure that you will find perfect designs.

  9. Wow lots of wonderful goodies. Love those bright fabrics. Gorgeous!! Love your WIP.

  10. Nice stashing! I can't wait to see your wedding invitations. So exciting!

  11. Your advent piece is coming along great. And well done on your new stash :) That fabric is a dream. I wish we had such companies over here.

  12. Gorgeous new stash! I love Crafty Kitten's fabrics too. I got some for my Birthday.
    Have you told Brigitte that Dawn does ship to Europe for a very reasonable price!