Thursday, 22 January 2015

Stitch From Stash - January 2015

As we are heading to the end of the month already here is my first check in with the Stitch From Stash hosted by Epic Stitching

Month: January 2015
Spent: £8.00
Earned: £0.00

Not a bad start!


Just one purchase this month, but that's ok. This is something I have bought for the past few years so I knew I would be spending this money again in January.

Lots of projects to keep me busy...eventually!

WIPs: Just a little on my YOTA piece Twilight Magic.

New Starts:

Tribal Orca by White Willow Stitching

I've also had a little progress on a Christmas ornament, fingers crossed I will get more of this done this weekend.

So that's it! One month down eleven to go! My tracker at the side of my blog has been updated accordingly and £12 sat in the kitty...although that HAED 50% sale is killing me!

Emma xx


  1. A good start to SFS. Well done! I've not seen that magazine before - not that I need any more charts! I hope you can resist the 50% off HAED sale though otherwise your budget will be ruined! :)

  2. Your magazine looks full of ideas, great starts too

  3. Way to hold back! And remember HaED has sales all year, so just wait for the next holiday. :) Pad your wish list, get some finishes for bonus stash $ in the meantime.

  4. Great new starts and progress on your WIP :) I love the fabric you're using for the Tribal Orca project! Great colours :)

  5. Magazine is looking so cute
    Lovely stitching dear x

  6. Lovely magazine! Good progress on stitching.
    I purchase only digital issues on iPad as those are cheaper and save postage cost as well. I have collected many so far since last year and now I wonder whether I have that much time to do even 20% of what I want to.

  7. Well done on sticking to your budget, I don't blame you for snatching up that book, it looks fun. Great stitching on your projects.

  8. That HAED sale has been killing me too but I've been good so far. Every time I get tempted, I look at all the patterns I've already bought and haven't started yet! There are like 20 of them and if I can stitch 500 stitches per evening, which I can't, they'll take me 2 years each. That is enough to halt my spending. Your projects are coming along just beautifully.

  9. Great start to ads and orca looks lovely.

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  11. Great magazine purchase thus month.

  12. I adore this magazine. I find it also in Italy. :-)

  13. Well done on sticking to budget. Magazines are such great value for money. You could have spent £8 on just one of the larger designs.