Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well. Perhaps I was a little optimistic in my last post when i said I would have plenty of stitching progress for you this week. Of course at the time of writing I forgot one very important factor about the week ahead.

That was the release of this...

Of course, I know some of you will never have even heard of this game and wonder what the heck I am on about. This is World of Warcraft, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest game out there for PC.

Anyway, new content meant I just HAD to start playing again, I know a few of you also play too, how are you all getting on?

I'm happy to say after all the lag issues and server queues of over 2000 people waiting to get on (up to three hours on mine!) I got to level 100 on Sunday! Hooray!

Yep, that is me in game haha. I just love gnomes.

I can't promise there will be much more stitching to report this week either, I am just loving WoW again at the moment.

While I am here though I will do some enabling for my stitching friends, Bev at Love Thy Thread has decided from December 1st the company shall be no more due to health issues. Its very sad as she has some beautiful charts but I just don't have the money available to buy any more that I would like. But perhaps you are more fortunate and you can all grab those last few charts before they disappear!

Until next time!

Emma xx


  1. Unfortunately, my WoW experience is limited to the South Park episodes dedicated to such, but I know how gaming obsessions can take hold, so good luck!

  2. LOL I promised myself not to play the game cause I know I would be addicted.

  3. Love your gnome. I haven't has a chance to play much other than get to my garrison. Hoping I will have some time this weekend to sit down and have a proper gaming session. Gratz on hitting 100.