Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Stitching post...of sorts!

I hope you are all ok today and enjoying your weekend?

I named this a stitching post of sorts as I haven't actually done any stitching, but I did buy new stash! So I see that as a step in the right direction...haha!

I was rather sad to hear that Nene Thomas has decided to retire her work from the Cross Stitch community. Luckily over the years I had picked up a few I liked but there was still plenty more I could of had.

However, having recently quit my job money is tight so thanks to the sale on at the moment I settled on just one.

Corsair Daemira - Nene Thomas

This one has been on my wish list since I first discovered HAED, and has even been in my basket before checking out once or twice before. But I've always felt guilty about buying another when I already have so many in my stash.

But I knew I had to have this one before it goes away.

All of Nene's work will be retired on the 15th October, and the sale is going on until the 6th so it might be an idea for you to have a look this weekend and see if there is anythign you want too!

You can find it *Here*

Yes I am enabling here! Haha

Until next time!

Emma xx


  1. Ohh! Beautiful chart. A must have for sure. xox

  2. That is a beautiful chart. I love HAED. I have quite a few patterns myself.
    And having so many patterns in your stash is just a "stitchers desease" haha.
    But fortunatly it doesn't have negative side effects. We just feel a little bit more happy.

  3. Beautiful chart. I have a couple of Nenes so that will have to do me lol

  4. I love her artwork. I was really sad to hear about the HAED ending sale too. Thanks for the link to her charts. You forced me to buy two haha. Storykeep Aquamarine and Storykeep Dragon Moon. They are at least smaller charts haha.

  5. What a beautiful chart you have. HAEDs are true works of art!

  6. Great choice Emma, I love it as it's quite unique compared to all of Nene's other artworks. Plus I love art of women depicted as characters of strength. I hope you get a chance to stitch her soon, she's magnificent. xo Alicia