Monday, 3 March 2014

TUSAL and YOTA Updates, and Your Last Reminder!

Good morning (just!)

Due to an unexpected day off work today (I'm having to wait in for the gas man to come check our boiler) here is my update sooner than I expected it. They are both late, as they were due on Saturday but as you know I was at a concert seeing Michael Bublé...he was amazing!

Anyway, first up, my TUSAL report...

Few more colours added to the top from my small sal and my secret stitch but not much else yet. But to say it is only the third report of the year it is filling up fast!

Secondly, my YOTA report. Sadly I can't boast progress to the same level as our dear host this month (she did loads!). But instead a few more rows of purple in the far left column and a block of pink stitches near by. Progress is progress!

You can check out my year to date progress in the YOTA tab at the top, I have month by month pictures.

I have no other stitching to show you this week. The past week seems to have been a bit of a funny one, and yesterday I was ill so had no energy at all to do anything.

Weight wise it is still going well, I lost 1.5lbs, meaning I lost my first stone since joining slimming world five weeks ago! I am very happy. I just need at least 0.5lb this week and my total overall will be two stone! :D

Today is your final day to enter my giveaway too! Don't forget! :)

Emma xo


  1. Progress is indeed progress and you are working on quite a hard projects. Sorry to hear that you were unwell yesterday, I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Lovely TUSAl and stitching.
    Well done with the weight loss and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Your TUSAL jar is filling up nicely. A little progress is good.
    Well done on the weight loss, that's fabulous.
    Get well wishes to you x

  4. Great progress! And congrats on the weight loss :D

  5. congrats on everything here =)
    this piece is going to be lovely
    I hope you feel better now, with that crazy weather we are having ... microbes are too resistant =/

  6. Great progress on your stitching.
    Hope you are better today , wishing you a happy week.

  7. You made some progress which is good. Pretty orts. Congrats on the weight loss.


  8. Lovely TUSAl!