Monday, 10 March 2014

Turtle Trot - March Report

Good evening!

It's the 10th of March already, meaning it is time for the monthly Turtle Trot report, hosted by Bap Attack! Never heard of it? Well just click this link and all shall be revealed, you can join in too!

Not the best month I have to say, I'm not losing my bug for stitching I just don't seem to have time. This push to lose weight is really eating in to my spare time, as by the time I have gone for a run and cooked our dinner it is almost eight or nine pm once I finally get chance to sit down! But I know it will be worth it in the end. I will just have to make up for my stitching then :) hehe.

This month I worked on only two of the ten projects, and those two didn't really have that much progress either! How well...every stitch counts right?!

First, is Twilight Magic. Here is how it looked in my last report...

And here it is now!

Then I worked some more on Row of Cats, here is the before shot...

and how it looks now.

I think once I get the back stitch done on this second moggy I will feel like I have achieved more on this, so that will be my aim this week to get that done.

Until next month!

Emma xo


  1. Che gatto simpatico.
    Complimenti per i tuoi ricami.
    Un caro saluto, Maria

  2. Progress is progress! Hopefully you'll make more next time!

  3. Both pieces look great Emma.


  4. looks great, love the cat

  5. Good progress on both pieces, Emma!! You stitched for other SALs as well so you got lot of finishes there :). Health goals are obviously most important ones.

  6. Any progress is good progress, and both of these look great!

  7. a stitch is a stitch sweetie :)
    it's all in the title...turtle trot =D

  8. Great before and after pictures. I love that. You made some nice progress on your WIPs.

  9. Any progress is still progress, so well done!

  10. The kittys are so adorable.

  11. Progress is progress...maybe we should rename it the tortoise trot going off my progress each