Sunday, 23 February 2014

IHSW Round up!

Good evening!

This weekend has been pretty productive, however I can't actually show you much of what I have been working on, not yet anyway!

First up I added the finish finish to my small for the monthly Small Sal hosted by Stitching Lotus, so now that is all ready and waiting for the check in post on Wednesday.

After that I finished stitching and added the finish to an exchange piece, and as I know the recipient reads this blog I can't show you that either!

Finally, something I can show you (hooray!) I continued to work on Row of Cats, I am really enjoying working on this project, and the current cat I am stitching is stitched with Lana thread so once she is finished she will look all fluffy :)

I also added two balls of wool, which at the moment don't look like much as they need the back stitch adding.

In other news I lost another 1lb this week making my total 13lbs since joining Slimming World and 26lbs overall, so I just need to shift two more lbs to get my 1 and 2 stone!

I will be back this week for my Small Sal post, Stitch from Stash and then Saturday is 1st of March (can you believe it?!) So that means both YOTA and TUSAL time again.

Also on Saturday I am going to see Michael Bublé with some friends, so I am looking forward to that too :)

Finally, if you haven't already don't forget to enter my Giveaway which you can find here, or click the logo below.


Until next time!

Emma xo


  1. I love Michael Buble! You are very lucky to get see him. The cats are going be adorable.

  2. Such adorable progress! I'm loving this piece you're stitching. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts this week :D

  3. That little kitty will looks so wonderful being all fluffy.
    Enjoy Michael!

  4. I hope you had a great moment at the concert =)
    I'm sure of this in fact...
    Adorable stitching you're sharing with us, can't wait to see this piece finished, really sweet

  5. Great job on everything. Even though you have some stitching we can't see yet I just know it's pretty too.

  6. That cat certainly has a lot of personality! Can't wait to see the other things you've stitched this weekend!

  7. Very cute project coming to life :) keep it going!