Friday, 24 January 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 - January


Well, as today is pay day it seems to make sense that I should now do a round up of my spending and stitching over the last month, all on aid of Stitch From Stitch hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching!

So, down to the important stuff did I stick to the $25 budget this month? YES!

This month I spent a total of £10 which, according to Googles trusty conversion table, equals around $16.50 give or take a few cents, yay!

So, what did I spend it on? Well, first was a small purchase of a needle minder from Lisa's No More Lost Needles, which you can find on Facebook. You can see it in use in the picture below :) I actually bought 3 but the other two will be for my giveaway coming soon!

Next was a Tilton Craft chart. I had agreed to take part in an appreciation event, so I remained restrained and only purchased one chart, which considering there is a sale on I think is pretty damn good of me!

As I am visting Rome later this year how could I not buy this one!?

As for stitching well, if you are a regular follower you will know that the first 15 days I had a new start everyday, all of which were from my pile of free kits which come with magazines, and I managed to finish three of them too!

The lovely Jo from Serendipitous Stitching was also so sweet to send me a second bunting kit she had in her stash, thanks Jo! It had the buzz of new stash just without the guilt lol!

So lets do the math...
  • January budget = $25.00
  • Total spent       = $16.50
  • Remainder       =  $8.50
A pretty good month I would say! I'll squirrel that $8.50 away for another month, and I'm going to add a running total of yearly total spent and saved to my tracker on my sidebar to the right.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all managed to stick to it too!

Emma xo


  1. Well done with your month budget! :)
    It was so fun to follow your 15 days with 15 starts! :D looking forward to see you finishing all of them,

  2. Hey Emma you did so well with the stitch from stash! I missed the sign up but I've decided to try doing it anyway. I've spent £18 this month :-( good luck with it and look forward to seeing some of the cjc finishes

  3. Well done on sticking to your budget. I love your CJC starts. I have home sweet home done but I made the door completely blue with no heart. I have it hanging up at home and it's one of my favourite pieces. I think it is so sweet.

  4. Congrats on sticking to the budget. That's a beautiful piece you bought.

  5. Nice new chart you chose. Well done on being well under on the budget this month.

  6. The needle minder is super cute. :)

  7. Great job! That's a lovely new chart. Can't wait to see how well you do next month! :D

  8. fabulous new chart !!
    and very well done with your month budget =)
    I love that idea of the tracker on your sidebar...
    February is a short month , you'll make savings too =D