Friday, 3 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge - Day Three!

Well it's another day and that means another new project! So far I am enjoying this, but it is only day three! But I must say I am glad I only picked smaller projects to do it with, I think I would get bogged down otherwise.

Tonight it was the turn of one of the Reindeer Cards that came free with Cross Stitcher issue 259...hey it's never too early to get started for next Christmas ;)

Have to say I am glad it is the weekend now, fingers crossed I will make some good progress on tomorrows project...whatever that may be!

Until tomorrow,

Emma xo


  1. i stitched this design last christmas...very cute:))
    Its fast...keep the good work;)

  2. I also stitched these last year. They are really cute. You have chosen some lovely projects!

  3. Yes, I join the club as I have too stitched this! A quick and easy one! Have fun

  4. Cute! :) Good idea to take small projects for the crazy challenge ;) I might save that idea for next year hehehehe Everyone seems to be starting big things!!! :p With that many wips, I would go crazy before the Spring arrives hahahah