Friday, 10 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge - Day Nine and Ten

Good evening!

Just a quick post before I settle for the night with the last two days of new starts. I had a busy evening last night so didn't get chance to stitch until after ten, so not much got done.

This is my small start on Hedgerow Wildflowers, only a couple of the leaves done. Anyone else who has stitched this, have you noticed that the picture on the front is upside down to that of the pattern? Odd!

Today was another start, with a little more progress done! This was also my first time using soluble canvas, which came with the kit, so I am interested to see how this one will turn out.

This is the festive hoop kit which came free with Cross stitcher issue 271.

That's all for now!

Emma xo


  1. Oooooh they look like nice kits. I can't wait to see the soluble canvas come off!!

  2. Soluble canvas... interesting. Can't wait to see how that looks when it's done. Great new starts!

  3. Great new starts. Kind of funny about the top one. Must have took the photo of the model wrong.

  4. Also very curious about the soluble canvas.You made a great decision with chossing smaller designs with all these other BAPs you have going on. And this way you will have many finishes in 2014 :) Very good thinking!

  5. I really like these freebies You have choosed to stitch.I just finished a Kiri The Cat freebie kit as a make uo pouch for my DD.

  6. Two more pretty projects, soluable canvas is great, I've used it a couple of times before.