Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge - Day Eight!


Must admit I did think twice about sitting down and stitching tonight, I am so very sleepy and knew if I did anything fiddly I would end up having to frog it.

So instead I worked on one of the Christmas Card Set which came with Cross Stitcher issue 272. I opened the kit and was most confused...four bits of aida, two needles, three bells and four least it is extra stuff and not the other way and I don't have enough!

Here is my teeny progress on the Christmas tree.

Well progress is progress right?

Oh, and I had my first purchase of the year (eek!) but it's ok, was only a little spend and I have updated my Stitch from Stash $ checker accordingly... :)

Until tomorrow!

Emma xo


  1. Another cute project =) and small ;)

  2. That is such a cute little project! I always keep something like that around. I call it my "braindead" projects. I do need them from time to time!

    1. Yes! Some days our minds just can't cope with confetti madness!

  3. The birdie and the tree both look cute!

  4. such a cute bird

  5. Cute little start! Yeah, I'm glad they gave you too much instead of too little.

  6. A start is a start no matter how small. Love the stitching style for the tree.

  7. Plenty of extras to stitch this cutie again.

  8. Yeah I've been more and more exhausted as this week has gone on so my choices have been very careful as well!