Monday, 14 October 2013

Wedding Weekend and a Finish!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you are all well, I seem to be coming down with a cold booo! I just hope I can shift it quick.

All the family had a great time at my brothers wedding, it was a perfect day from start to finish and couldn't have gone better, some pictures below...

Family Meal out at Ceaser's @ The Minster in York

The Venue - The Hospitium in York

Where the service took place

The Happy Couple!
My New Sister In Law :)
Me and David - scrub up well don't we?!

Cutting the cake!

The Wedding Cake, which my brother made

We returned home on Saturday afternoon after spending the night at The Churchill in York, as it turned out we had the majority of the hotel rooms booked out with all the family members stopping over, so breakfast the next morning was fun too!

Once we got back I was far too hungover tired to stitch so went back to bed in the afternoon for a couple of hours and relaxed. Finally on Sunday some stitching got done and I am please to say I got a finish! But sadly, I cannot share it yet - I have decided to keep it until the Halloween bloghop takes place - hopefully by then it will be a finished finish, I ordered some perfect backing fabric for it last night.

The second part of the Lizzie*Kate mystery Christmas Sampler arrived while I was away in York so I will be making a start on that this week too, if this cold sticks around I won't be doing anything this weekend either so at least on the bright side I should get plenty of stitching done.

Have a great week everyone!

Emma xo


  1. Aww congrats to your whole family dear..such beautiful photos :)
    And the cake is so looking yummy❤️❤️
    Big hugs x

  2. It looks like it was wonderful:)

  3. Looks like it was a great party!!!

  4. All magnificent wow. Very Very beautiful. Congratulations . Giovanna

  5. What an awesome venue - the bride is beautiful, you look great - love the cake... Awesome pictures, thanks for shaing

  6. It looks like you had an amazing day.
    I hope you feel a lot better soon xx

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple, what a magnificent place and that cake is so wonderful.

  8. Looks like you all had a lovely time at the wedding!! Great venue :)

  9. so great
    a very beautiful bride ! wonderful dress she had
    a lovely couple (in fact 2 =D) , a beautiful place, a yummy cake, the whole family....what a wonderful moment
    thank you for sharing with us
    I can't wait to see your stitches

  10. What a beautiful wedding! I love the venue - it looks incredible. Congrats to the happy couple :D

  11. great pictures, it must be a wonderful day and a beautiful bride. hope the cold is gone, sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  12. Looks like a lovely couple!! Best wishes to them both!

  13. What a lovely couple, congratulations to them both.

  14. A lovely couple! Congrats to both and to the family too, you have a lovely 'new' sister :)