Sunday, 28 July 2013

Long Overdue

Finally its here! A stitching update! Hooray!

Not just any update either, I have a finish to share with you! Not a finish of the wedding sampler, as it probably should be but it is still one of my 2013 goals so I am happy, and at least I can say I am prepared for Christmas this year.

Yes, I said the "C" word!

Here is what it looked like the last time you saw it, back in May!

Here it is now, all the stitching done and beads added ready to hang on the tree in December!

Mill Hill - Simply Santa

Its not perfect, but its mine and I am happy with it. This was my first time using 28ct evenweave and I didn't have too many issues. It was my first time beading too, and although it was time consuming I think the final effect is worth it.

I tweaked the finishing a little, I made the fringing at the bottom a little shorter, and added only three rather than five as I thought three was enough. I suspect with two kitties around the house it won't last very long anyway if they get their little furry paws on to it!

Now this is complete it will be back to the wedding sampler as I am becoming more and more aware the deadline is getting closer and closer, I should really start looking for an outfit too!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Emma xo


  1. What a cute little Santa! A great ornament ready for your Tree :)

  2. It's a wonderful ornament!

  3. Wonderful,the stitching ,the beading ,the finishing.:)
    There is always a first time for everything,for using some linen,for beading...that's what is the best in our hobby,there is always something new to learn...I love 28ct Evenweave.:)


    1. Yes, the linen and the beading were all pretty easy once I got the hang of it, I will be using them again for sure :)

  4. Very nice ornie - well done!

  5. Congrats on your finish sweetie :)
    Looking for to see how your wedding sampler is going :D

    1. Thanks :) I will be working on it this week, so fingers crossed the weekend you will be able to see some progress :D

  6. What a cute ornament! The beading really dresses it it up!

  7. Very cute ornament! And it's always nice to try new techniques--I'd say your first beading and evenweave techniques were both very successful!

  8. Great job! It looks really lovely.

  9. this is a very cute ornament
    very well done
    that's great you tried new techniques , I have to try beads a day =D
    your beading is truly beautiful

  10. Think you did a wonderful job with this adorable ornament! Congrats on your finish!