Sunday, 12 May 2013

#93 More Productive than I thought...and TUSAL!

I was pleasantly surprised this week when I looked at my stitching, I only had a hour or so to stitch this week so I guess I can't complain too much about the progress made :)

First up was the wedding sampler, here is the before shot...


And here it is today at the end of the week;


As you can see the Groom now has his hand with a blob of champagne floating above and below his arm! The glasses will be added later with all the back stitch and of course the heart at the top of the piece has also been added along with some more of the date banner behind where the bride will be :) Not too bad!

Next up I made a teeny tiny start on an ornament...

...what you mean you can't tell what it is?! :D This is my first time stitching over two of 28ct fabric, but so far so good.

In other news I could no longer resist the temptation of the HAED sale, but I was very good and only bought one pattern.

This is High Tea by Gordon Fitchett, I really love this one, I'm thinking some subtle hand dyed fabric and it will love great on the wall in our dining room :) But it will be a long time before I even start this one.

Elsewhere the running and the weight is going well, I ran over 10k this week and managed to lose another 2lbs, making it 12lbs in total! Another push this week and fingers crossed I will get to that magic one stone mark!

Fundraising is going great too, we are now up to £350! A massive thank you also goes out to Mii Stitch for sponsoring me! Thank you dear!! x

If anyone else would like to sponsor me click here for details, you could win a £20 gift voucher as a thank you!

Lastly, it was TUSAL this week, a couple days late but better late than never right?

It seems Sheldon has taken quite a liking to my ORT jar and is now guarding it...from what I'm not sure, but if it makes him happy...

I hope everyone has a great week ahead and if you are somewhere in the world today which is celebrating, Happy Mothers Day! 

Emma xo


  1. Nice progress on the wedding project, and a cute new start! and wow, you're going great on the weight loss, I really admire you!

    1. Thank you! I have a long way to go with the weight loss, but every lbs counts! :)

  2. Nice progress!
    It's lovelly!
    What a great weight loss! Keep going!
    Have a nice week!

  3. Wow awesome progress on your weight loss and running!!!! I seem to keep sabotaging myself lately but I'm getting back on track with both the weight loss and running!

    You made some nice progress this week, I think once you get used to it, you're going to love over two!!!M

    1. Something just clicked and I thought enough is enough, I am slowly building up the running, but I can feel myself getting fitter and my recovery times are getting better too, I'm not really getting out of breath anymore, instead it is the leg muscles telling me they are tired lol. A long way to go yet but I will get there :)

  4. Great stitching update sweetie & I absolutely LOVE your latest HAED purchase!! It will look beautiful when finished!!! Keep up the good work for your running & weight loss xx

    1. Yes, I really like this pattern, it has been on my wishlist for ages so I decided that had to be the purchase I made! I can't wait to get started on it :) x

  5. love the haed purchase, congratulations on the continuing weight loss.

  6. Beautiful kitty!
    I am so enjoying your progress pics on the wedding sampler, it makes me smile everytime I see it.
    Well done on the running and the weight loss.

  7. Great progress on your wedding sampler. Gorgeous picture of your cat guarding your orts. Congrats with the weight loss. Lovely new chart.

  8. Great progress!! And congrats on your achievements! Your HAED design is very cute and I am also tempted to buy one:)

  9. Nice progress on the wedding project...
    ... and a cute new start.....
    well done for your weight loss..
    big hugs x

  10. Great job on the exercise! So proud of you. Your progress on the wedding sampler is really coming along! :D

  11. Lovely progress on your wedding project. Love the picture of your ORT jar being guarded:)

  12. Celebrate each pound, running is a great hobby, I just LOVE it. You have made great progress considering how little time you have had this week !!!!!

  13. Great progress on both pieces. Well done on your weight loss.

  14. Well done Emma, seriously well done!
    You have made a great progress and your ort jar is full!

    I wanna have a guardian angel like Sheldon for my stitching staff too! He looks seriously amazing :D

    Wish you a great week!
    Happy stitching too :D

  15. super for your weight loss sweetie, I totally admire you =)
    well done on your wedding piece, it's so lovely
    can't wait to see your ornament =D
    Have a great week

  16. You've made some progress and that is much better than none! Your wedding sampler is coming on really well :)

    That is a lovely HAED chart, I bet it would look amazing on hand dyed fabric, the tough part is choosing what fabric as there are so many that would look amazing!

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they are always appreciated :)

  17. Ciao
    good progress
    I love your cat

  18. Nice progress on your stitching :)
    Keep up the good work! Going great! Congrats :)

  19. Nice progress there! I love High Tea and can't wait to see your progress on that piece.

    Congrats on your weight loss!