Sunday, 28 April 2013

#90 Goodies, Stitching and Feeling Proud!

Good afternoon all! I hope you have all been well this past week, mine has been ok, which I will explain...

First up, stitching. This has gone ok, not nearly as much as last week but still a noticeable change. Here is the wedding sampler last time...

And here it is now! As you can see the Groom now has his head and his other arm as well as the rest of his body, just need to stitch his hand and his champagne glass and he is done! Other than all the back stitching and French knots of course but those will be added later.

Another good surprise this week was the arrival of some goodies! I had taken part in an event on Facebook for Colour Cascade Fabrics, we all partnered up and sent a gift card for us to spend as we liked. Typical me I went way over the gift card amount with my shopping, but as soon as I saw the fabrics I knew it was worth it!

Rocket Queen


Whole Lotta Love

These photos really don't do them justice, and the speed they arrived was fantastic considering they came from the other side of the world! I will definitely be shopping there again.

On Wednesday one of my best friends got a life changing phone, after months of trying she found out she has been accepted in to Brittania Royal Naval College to train to become an officer! I am so happy and proud of her, she has wanted it so long!

It is all very sudden, she finished work on Friday and leaves for Dartmouth a week tomorrow! It will take some adjusting, from seeing her at least once a week to only seeing her once every 10 weeks and I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for her partner. But we are all very supportive of her and trying to keep her calm, as she is very nervous about leaving!

With this in mind I don't see much stitching getting done this week, it could be an emotional week ahead!

Emma xx


  1. Great progress on your wedding sampler. Lovely new fabrics. Congrats to your friend.

  2. Hi Emma,
    I loved the colours of the fabrics especially but the Oceans most!

    You are getting quicker on the Wedding Sampler! You have made a great progress!
    Well done!

    1. They are all beautiful, I have no idea what I will stitch on them yet...

      Thank you dear xxx

  3. Beautiful stitching...lovely new fabric xxx

  4. Oh wow, congratulations to your friend! And you're making great progress on your stitching, it looks beautiful :D

  5. Wonderful news for your friend. I know you will miss her but time goes by so very fast. Maybe you can write her a letter (yes the old fashion way, not just email) during the time you would have gotten together with her. Mail for anyone away does the make them smile and its heartfelt by the sender and recipient. Lovely new fabrics - colors are gorgeous. Enjoying seeing your lovely stitching progress. Stitching has been extremely calming for me for not only when happy but in extreme sad times too. Hugs to you. love Annette

    1. Yes, I think I will leave it a couple of weeks before I write, I don't want to make her feel homesick when she is training, I have a couple of pen pals, it is always nice to receive a letter in the mail.

      Thank you, I am really enjoying stitching this :) xx

  6. Congratulations to your friend - I hope it turns out to be everything she had hoped for.

    Great work on the wedding sampler which is really coming along now.

    1. Thanks Linda! I think at the moment she is more scared, as it is all happening so fast.

      Thank you, I am really enjoying working on this at the moment.

  7. Great progress and fabric.

  8. Great progress and great fabric. Love the colors. Congrats to your friend.


  9. Nice progress on the wedding sampler! I love the fabric colours, as you said, I'm sure they must look even better in real :D Congrats to your friend. She's happy, so be happy for her x

  10. The Groom looks great! Loving those fabrics. Congrats for your friend...hope this move will be fulfilling for her.

  11. Good luck to you friend, some things are certainly worth waiting for.
    Beautiful fabrics.
    The groom looks great, what a fun stitching project.

  12. Wow its nice to see the groom!!!

  13. There's a groom already!!! We know the bride will be the last to arrive, it's just tradition ;) heheheh
    Looking great sweetie! :D

  14. so super to see the groom =)
    great progress and always such neat stitches...very beautiful
    hope you had lot of time with your friend this week, before her departure
    big hugs

  15. A great design - and some great progress on it!
    That fabric you bought looks gorgeous. Wonderful colours.