Sunday, 7 April 2013

#86 Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Well this weekend saw some sunshine in my little part of the world - hooray! The last of the snow finally melted today, and I hope that is the last I see of it until the end of the year!

It is so nice to be sat here in the evening and to still have daylight with us, I wish we were on this time zone the whole year through, it is so nice to see daylight after working all day!

This week the postman was ever so kind and brought me a surprise all the way from Portugal from the ever so sweet Nia!

Goodies from Nia :)

A little Easter lavender bunny was waiting for me, it smells so divine! Thank you so much Nia! :D

Not much stitching has been done this week, I think I have been losing my bug a little lately, I want to be outside and doing other things rather than sat inside stitching the day away.

That said a little was done on the wedding sampler


I got the front wheel done and all the black in the grooms suite, really this is a pretty easy stitch I just need to get back in to the right frame of mind and I should get this done in no time!


I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead, not sure if I will be able to cope with a five day week again after all the short ones recently!

Emma xo


  1. Hello

    I found your blog through Rai Rai's.
    Your wedding sampler looks great.
    It's so good to have lighter nights and sunshine!

    1. Hi Poppy - welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay hehe :D

      Thank you, I am enjoying stitching this, I just need to get my bug back!

  2. What a lovely thing for Nia to do!!

  3. Lovely goodies from Nia! Wonder what was inside of the Easter purse? Chocolate? Candies or threads?

    Your wedding sampler is coming along beautifully! You've made a great progress on it!

    Well done both to you and Nia!

    Happy you've welcomed the spring at last!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Nurdan! The bunny was full of lavender to make everything smell so pretty :)

      Have a great week my dear xx

  4. Your wedding sampler is coming right along. The Bunny sachet from Nia is adorable.
    Lucky you to have seen the last of your snow. Here we still have a couple of feet of snow and it's snowing as I write - winter is hanging on with a vengeance.

  5. A lovely gift from Nia. Great progress on your wedding sampler. I find I stitch a little less as the weather gets better. Have a great week.

  6. A very sweet gift from Nia, and don't worry your mojo will come back when you are ready.

  7. Great progress Emma. I love this design. A very cute gift from Nia.


  8. Nice progress. It's funny how a simple project can be the hardest to get done.

  9. Lovely gift from sweet Nia, Love your wedding stitching, hugs.

  10. awww sweet little bunny sent by Nia =)
    the fabric is lovely and perfect for the finish =D
    Hope it will bring Spring to you...
    snow is not far behind us here also ! what a winter ...!
    happy stitching

  11. So sweet of you =))) It's a small gift but I thought that an unexpected surprise could give you a smile :D So happy to know you enjoyed it sweetie!! :)

    I'm with you!! I want to play outside!! hehehhe :D
    But Spring is not here yet.. we had 2 days without rain (thrusday and friday), then a really awesome day on Saturday:D but now rain again for the whole week...
    Spring will come, soon, stay positive ;)

  12. Lovely gift from Nia! There are times when we lose a bug but it is always good to go out and do something else and then return with a fresh start. We need to enjoy the moments we like ignoring some unfinished things.

  13. Lovely little gift from Nia! The fabric looks beautiful. Great progress on your sampler too xx

  14. A very pretty gift from Nia.
    I think a lot of the UK ladies are keen to be outside soaking up some of the spring sunshine that been happening over the last couple of days, my spring bulbs are enjoying it and starting to open their little buds.

  15. Good start on your wedding sampler.It is good to have lighter evenings,makes the days seem longer than 24 hours:)

  16. aww such sweet gift from nia..
    hugs x

  17. Sweet present! And your progress looks great so far, I'm sure it'll come along quickly :D

  18. Aren't Nia's little bunnies the cutest? I got one from her last year and just love it, too :)

    Your wedding WIP is looking so pretty--I'll bet it is very enjoyable to stitch!

  19. Lovely gift from Nia :)
    Your wedding WIP looks great :)