Sunday, 17 March 2013

#81 IHSW Round Up!

Well once again the weekend has flown by, and as ever there just never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Not so much hermitting or stitching happening today - it was my Grandad's 70th Birthday today so we all met up at his local to have a drink.

However yesterday was a bit more productive. This time I worked on the HAED BB SAL Mystic Garden. This is slow going for me but when I compared pictures I've done better than I thought I had so I suppose I can't complain too much.

This is how it looked before:

Before IHSW
Here it is now!


I really don't know how some of the stitchers have already completed the two released  pages - they are speed daemons with the needle clearly!

Fingers crossed this coming week should be a good one for me, we both have a week off work (yippee!) with only plans for Monday and Thursday, so fingers crossed I will have lots of stitching news for you!

Have a great week everyone!




  1. Lovely progress Emma and I hope you have a great week off.

  2. I think you got alot done Emma.


  3. I also wonder how some ppl stitch so fast. Enjoy your week off.

  4. Awe! I love how you wrote you got to see your Granddad at the local... precious. Enjoy your time off:) nice stitching you got done. the design is taking shape. love Annette

  5. Happy Birthday for your Grandfather! Wish him a healthy, happy and a wonderful year from now on!
    Your progress is great Emma!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Grandad! All the best to him and your whole family :D And have a good week off!

  7. Nice progress sweetie! And happy birthday to your Grandad :D
    I received a wonderful package on my mailbox ;) Wrote you an email this morning! Thank you so much sweetie :D

  8. Great progress!! Although I know how you feel with haed progress.... It is so sloooow!!! Have a lovely week off (lucky you!) full of little crosses!! x

  9. Happy Birthday to your Granddad! Progress is progress and it's looking great!

  10. Nice progress on Mystic Garden! Have fun stitching and don't worry about racing the others.

  11. I hope you had fun at you Grandads birthday celebrations, it's always nice to meet with family.

    Great progress, well done.

  12. Great progress! Enjoy your week off :)

  13. Great progress! I feel like I stitch and stitch on a HAED and never get really far, but you can really see your progress.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to your granddad!!! Great progress on the HAED. :D