Friday, 8 February 2013

#71 I Am So Lucky

Good evening!

Hooray Friday is here, time for the weekend - thank heavens!

The last couple of weeks I have been so lucky, I have received two RAKs...

The first was from Tilton Crafts, and part of an event of Facebook. Michelle who was partnered to me sent me this gorgeous pattern, my first Tilton and I expect more will be added to my stash sooner or later...

Take Me Higher - Tilton Crafts
Another complete suprise was this! - Sent by Melissa waiting for me in my email.

Mini Celestial Dreams - Heaven and Earth
I don't know if either of you will see this but thank you so much :)

Last night my other half asked me what I would like for Valentines, normally we don't bother with anything, we might just cook a nice meal and sit and watch dvds together, so imagine my surprise when he said "why don't you get yourself some craft stuff?" Well! He didn't need to ask twice!

So off I went to Heaven and Earth looking over my wish list and thanks to the sale on at the moment I finally settled on these...

Mini Amanda and Axel
Mini Eldars Secret

QS Lingering Tenderness
Mini Snow White

QS Heart of Ice
QS Spirit of Winter 

The Princess and the Pea
I am one lucky girl :) Plus these will certainly be healthier/last longer than flowers or chocolates!

In other news the Travelling Pattern from the last post is now on its way to Mii, so if you are wanting to stalk follow the pattern to try your luck next time then pop on over to her blog if you haven't already.

I will be back later this weekend to share stitching progress and I also believe TUSAL is this weekend.

Finally I would ask you all to keep my friends baby in your thoughts, he is two weeks old and had to be rushed to hospital last night with suspected pneumonia and/or meningitis so any prayers/positive thoughts would be so much appreciated right now.

Emma xo


  1. Poor little baby. Hopefully he will make a swift recovery.
    Your new charts are lovely.

  2. My praying is for the little baby! Hope, he's gonna be healing quickly!

    As per your RAK's, obviously they make you a lucky one!

    "You are the rock with luck :)))"

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Prayers for the baby!

    Your new charts are going to keep you happily busy. Enjoy.

  4. Best thoughts for the little one. Beautiful new charts:)

  5. Baby is in my prayers.
    Lovely new charts you are a lucky girl, hugs.

  6. Your new charts are absolutely gorgeous. You are one lucky girl. Positive thoughts for your friend's baby.

  7. A lot of prayers for the baby!
    big big hugs Giovanna

  8. Baby is in my prayers.
    Lovely new charts ...hugs x

  9. Thinking of your friend's baby. Great new stash, I love the dragons ones & the princess and the pea one :) Have a lovely weekend! I'll be keeping a close eye on my letterbox...

    1. I sent it first class on Thursday night so it should be with you real soon! x

  10. I'm in love with the "Princess and the Pea"!!!
    "Pea" is the nickname I gave to my goddaughter, as long as my sister didn't choose her name.
    She's supposed to be born in April, and the name has only been chosen last 15 days...

  11. Ciao,grazie della visita,anche io ricamo il sal Vanitoso di Fiore....siamo colleghe di crocette!Buona domenica,Marta.

  12. How is your friends baby??? =/ best wishes for the little one!!!

    Mini celestial dreams is so cute and colorful! Very pretty!!

  13. the princess and the pea is so beautiful, my heart goes to this one =)
    lucky you, we have real super halves haven't we ? =)
    big hugs