Sunday, 28 October 2012

#42 Where has this Weekend gone?!

After a day of decorating yesterday I finally got chance to settle down with some stitching this afternoon. I continued work on my Sweet Treats SAL. Didn't get a whole lot done, but progress is progress.

Sorry for the Blurry Picture!

My Stitching Stash has increased somewhat over the last two days thanks to the HAED Rakoween Event on Facebook. I think as it tied in so nicely with Heaven and Earth's Sale which is going on at the moment people went a little RAK crazy!

I now have these four beauties added to my collection. Envy and the Montage are HUGE. When I will get round to even starting them I don't even know yet!

Mini Starlight
Four Seasons


Hannah Lynn Montage

My dear sweet Nana asked my what I would like for Christmas and my Birthday this year (which is the week after Christmas), she is to thank for my crafty side so when I suggested the threads for one of my charts she agreed - Yay! So I have ordered what I need for Mini The Black. This means I now have three sat ready and waiting for the new year!

Mini The Black

Hope you all have a great week!

Emma xo


  1. Beautiful progress and great stash..
    Hugs cucki xxx

    1. Thank you dear, have a great week :) xxx

  2. Nice progress and awesome new charts:)

  3. Cute progress on your gingy!!! Nearly there :D I just love the Mini the black design... My sis in law would be so envious!!!

    1. Thank you, I hope a few evenings this week and he will be finished. I just need to find some stuffing to make it up! Its strange, I'm not really a horsey person but I love Mini the Black :)

  4. Lovely progress on your wip. Gorgeous new stash.

  5. I can't wait to see your finished gingerbread piece and hooray for your new beautiful HAED charts!

  6. Your SAL looks great and wow, is that a lot of HAEDs lol! Mini Starlight is a pretty design!

  7. Your SAL looks so pretty , and some lovely stash, hugs.

  8. Fantastic new stash. I love the look of the Four Seasons one. Don't think I'd stitch it as it's taken me long enough to get nearly nine pages of Guardian done but it's beautiful. I didn't take part in the latest RAK exchange as funds wouldn't allow :( There is always next time :)

    Nice progress on Sweet Treats.

  9. Where has this whole month gone? :p eheheh
    Wow! That Four seasons design looks so coll! Very unusual :)

  10. Wooww this looks really big!! If it would be me, i would take many years to stitch it:p
    But they are gorgeous!
    Great birthday/christmas gift!! I think this year i will also ask for craft things eheh