Friday, 14 September 2012

#28 Ahhhh Friday :)

As predicted since the arrival of the kitten NO stitching has got done. Oh dear.

After my last post we took the kitten to the vets and he was indeed a little boy, weighing a mighty 2lbs! So, he is now called Sheldon. Since then he has been a complete distraction to anything, my house looks like a bomb has hit it with things all over place/hidden to keep out of little kittys reach. 


This weekend is IHSW and I WILL get something done, probably not much, but something at least.

Oooh! I almost forgot! If you a member of any of the HEAD groups on Facebook you will be aware that it has been HAED Appreciation Week and so, thanks to a discount code from the lovely Michelle I "invested" in more charts (Sssh...don't tell the other half :D hehe).

Mini Transendence
QS The Christmas Star

Lily Kuik

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and happy stitching!

Also, any new members if I am not already following your own blog please get in touch so I can have a nosey look. :D

Emma xo


  1. Sheldon! Awesome name ;) hehehehehe
    Have a great weekend sweetie! :)

  2. Hi

    Just found your blog.

    Sheldon is so sweet, I love him.

    Your new Haed charts are gorgeous.

  3. Sheldon looks a real cutie. Great new Haed stash I purchased Mini Pearl too.

  4. Sheldon is too cute!:)

  5. I love that kitten, he looks exactly like my little lane! The black chin is the cuties.

  6. Sheldon is so cute!

    Love your new HAED charts. I bought QS A Christmas Star too and I'm so tempted to print it out and start it. I did print the other one I bought SK Magical Arrival but daren't start it as I have a full size and a Qs on the go at the moment.

  7. Sheldon!!! AHAHAHAHA.... hope he's not as cracko as the one on The Big Bang Theory. ;) He's adorable!! You Sheldon, that is. :)