Sunday, 15 July 2012

#9 Sea Babies

I know, I know...I went AWOL for a few weeks - sorry!

I wish I could say it was because I was so wrapped up in cross stitching I didn't want to stop, but alas, no.

Instead I have been spending a small fortune on boring things. Firstly, our dryer broke, which under normal circumstances wouldn't be an issue mid summer but with the weather we have been having I have missed having one dearly.

THEN my dishwasher leaked and flooded the kitchen. Despite our best efforts in the end the carpet had to be ripped up. So a few hundred pounds later I have a new dryer and dishwasher and a bare floor in the kitchen area :( When we will get round to decorating I have no idea, so it has been somewhat of a nightmare here the last week or so.

On to stitching!

My progress has been rather slow on the whale, no idea why, I guess I just lost my bug for a little while. But today I'm glad to say all the cross stitch is finished! Hooray!

Next up will be the fourth and final square I am doing for this quilt and will be a little crab - hopefully this one will progress quicker than the last.

Also, I finally gave the wedding sampler to the happy couple, we went for a night of cocktails. It was lovely to see them again talking about our school days and talking about house plans for them and planning a trip to Florida in 2021 - apparently the 50th anniversary of the park opening or something so it has to be done - I think even for me nine years is enough time to plan and save!

I have next week off work. YAY! Sadly, I suspect not so much stitching will get done. I am decorating one of our spare bedrooms and turning it in to a computer/craft room. Or as me and the other half call it our Geek Room. 

If I'm not wrong then is should be IHSW this weekend so fingers crossed the next update will be soon!

Happy Stitching! xo


  1. Lovely gift for the newlyweds :) And your whale looks adorable!! :D

  2. Such a fab sampler, they are lucky to have you to give it to them !! Good luck with IHSW!!


    1. Thanks Donna - they did seem to love it which I am so happy about, was nervous in case they didn't like it!

  3. Hi Emma,

    It's great to see that you've stitched the wedding design from WOXS. And it was good that Katherine and Adam were pleased to receive it too.
    Your stitching looks lovely :)


    1. Hi Amanda, thank you for taking the time to visit! :)