Friday, 20 July 2012

#11 IHSW before...

Three posts in less than a week?! I really am spoiling you all...

Firstly though I want to say hello and welcome to my new followers - now in to double figures! *Happy Dance*

Decided to upload a before shot of my current stitch before IHSW begins (because I actually remembered to take one)

Mr Pinchy!
The crab (or Mr Pinchy as I have named him) is coming along nicely and fingers crossed plenty will get done this weekend.

You may have also noticed a new Wips section has appeared down the side of my blog. Yes, I have bit the bullet and order threads for my first ever HEAD. Also the Thomas Kinkade chart was a gift from the in laws at Christmas. At the time I was slightly overwhelmed by it but I am feeling brave and going to do some sort of rotation between the two once my charity squares are complete.

Yesterday I also found out a friend is 13 weeks pregnant - that means another reason to buy more stash and get stitching!! (Like I ever really need a reason...)

Have a happy IHSW!



  1. Love the colours in Mr Pinchey!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your first HAED. I should get mine out again but I've sort of fallen out with it!

  2. Keep spoiling us! hehehehe I like to read ;)
    Nice start! :) I see your wip section, both very pretty works but... biiiiiiiiiiig! :p Can't wait to see you start Twilight Magic :D