Monday, 4 June 2012

#5 - Wedding Finish!

Well thanks to our lovely long Jubilee weekend I've got plenty of stitching complete. I'll admit I have been slacking a bit to get it done, once all the cross stitch was complete I really struggled to get in the right frame of mind to do the back stitch. I HATE backstitching.

But it is done and in a few weeks the recipients will finally receive it! Have to say I'm happy with the final look, I just hope they will be too.

If anyone is interested in the pattern it was in issue 180 of World of Cross Stitching, and as it happens my first stitch that wasn't a kit.

Next up I am stitching some Sea Babies squares for a charity group I am a member of on Facebook (can be found here), they make quilts for sick babies in the UK and abroad, I've promised 4 squares so far, and intend to do more, but not until I have these done first - my to do list is long enough as it is!


  1. Hi

    Congratulations on finishing your sampler, it's beautiful and will be a great present!

    Looking forward to seeing your Sea Babies squares!

  2. Hi Emma, just came across your blog

    your wedding sampler is lovely, I look forward to seeing your sea babies squares and will check out the charity fb group

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for deciding to follow my blog!

      I hope the happy couple like the sampler too - I don't see them until the start of July and I'm worried in case they don't like it!

      I'm really enjoying the sea babies squares and knowing it is for charity adds to the enjoyment for me. You should check out the facebook group, they are always needing more stitchers to make squares. :)